Your kids can run all day

In a recent article published in Athletics Australia’s coaching magazine, called “Your kids can run all day”, a number of findings surrounding children’s development with running were raised. A summary of these findings include:

  • Less than 30 percent of athletes who had been top ranked at Under 13 were still listed anywhere on the national rankings by Under 20
  • Performances at one age grade were poor predictors of performance at subsequent age grades
  • Training for prepubertal children should focus on developing the anaerobic system or movement technique training to improve mechanical efficiency

These findings also support the IAAF Kids Athletics program for primary-aged students, and provide further supporting evidence to Tom Giles’ previous article “Middle distance running guidelines”.

Identifying talent at such a young age and training kids like adults is resulting in athletes not reaching their potential due to multiple factors including ‘burn out’, getting injured and/or losing interest. MLA is attempting to help change this paradigm by prioritising FUN, athlete recovery and optimal biomechanics in our athletes.

We promote healthy competition, but there needs to be a better understood approach to training for kids.

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