Competition Nights

Benefits of Competition

The key benefit of competition is to give kids the chance to put all their skills learned through training into ACTION. This allows them to see their improvements against benchmarks each month and celebrate these improvements with you, their peers & us, no matter what their level of achievement! Other benefits are that they gain competition experience (no more being scared of starting guns or running out of lanes), and can more easily choose events they would like to compete in at inter-club events (like the Zone Championships).

Dates for Competition Nights

To view this season’s competition dates please click through to our calendar.

How Competition Nights run Each athlete will compete in 4 or more events on a competition night. We’ll try to alternate the events across the comp nights so that through the season, everyone will compete in the same 4 events at least twice. These will be run in a manner as close as possible to the ‘real’ thing, so they’ll be lots of fun! We’ll record their efforts (ie times for races and distances/heights for field events) and in the following week we’ll post the results up on the website (including the benchmark achieved) for each athlete.

Benchmark Levels For each event in each age group, there are 4 benchmark levels, starting at distances/times that are easier to achieve and going right through to the toughest levels. These benchmarks will be identified by a colour – from green, red and yellow, to blue. At training nights for field events, these benchmark levels will be set out to give the kids something to work towards. At training too, our Gen Ys (‘Why’s) can also ask coaches for their favourite events how they can improve their skills to move up levels. The benchmark levels can be found here: Achievement Levels

Getting 450+ kids each through 4 or more events in 1.5 hours is a mammoth organisational task (most clubs take 4 hours every Saturday to achieve this)! The committee & coaches have done a lot of work to provide the structure for these nights, but without you helping, we won’t be able to make it work. Unless we have lots & lots of parents to help us with this, kids will miss out on some events and will have a boring time with long periods sitting & waiting for their events. We don’t want a situation where we are forced to cancel comp nights.  However, the most important thing is that parental involvement can make sure the kids get a really GREAT experience out of this, and you will get to see them do it!

How can you help us? On a regular training night we have 45 parent helpers. We’ll need at least 99 parents for competition nights – more than twice the regular number! As well as our normal session helpers, we will need parents to help out with particular track or field events for the evening – NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY – we’ll help you all! For example, we’ll need parent helpers to undertake:

  • Measure long jump, discus & shot put throws
  • Rake sand pits
  • Act as place judges for running races
  • Help with crowd control
  • Pick up hurdles that are knocked over
  • Enter results into lap tops

The following ‘Volunteers Quick Guide’ provides an overview of where as a volunteer you may be asked to help on competition nights’:

MLAC Competition Nights – Volunteers Quick Guide

FAQs Are Competition Nights compulsory? No, competition nights are no more compulsory than any other night of the season. However, if your athlete wants to be considered for inter-club events we’ll be using the first two comp nights to record times/distances that will be used to select teams. Also, missing a comp night will mean missing out on an opportunity to record a result against a benchmark level and getting an idea of how much they’re improving.

What happens if you miss a competition night? If you miss a competition night and wanted to be considered to represent Mosman at the State Relays or the Zone Championships, just send an email to If we can we’ll work out a way to ensure that your child still is considered.

What should athletes wear/bring to Competition Nights? It is COMPULSORY to wear your registration number & age patch for every competition night, otherwise we can’t record your results. It is not compulsory to wear the Mosman Little As uniform, just appropriate running gear & shoes. Everyone should bring water and wear sunscreen. Spikes can be worn by U9s+ in laned sprint events, hurdles & jump events, but when the event is finished they must be taken off and replaced with regular running shoes.

What happens to Tiny Tots on Competition Nights? Tots will still have their regular, fun training session from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.

What events will kids compete in? The competition night event program is on the website, either go to Weekly Programme, or click on the print button in the ‘Website Banner’ and select the program for your child’s age group

What if my child is not a natural athlete, should they still compete? Yes, absolutely! Our competition nights are all about competition with ONESELF for self-improvement. We recognise that not everyone is interested in competition with others and the club won’t be focusing on this – eg there won’t be finals. At the end of the season we’ll be celebrating those kids who have improved the most through the season, regardless of ability.