The operation of our Club relies on parents volunteering to assistPart of the registration process requires those parents who have elected to pay the standard registration fee (as opposed to the non-volunteer registration fee) to complete a Volunteer Declaration form which requires not less than volunteering on four occasions per child throughout the season, via the sign up icon on the homepage.

The Volunteer Declaration Form needs to be completed with your volunteering commitments and will include an authority requiring your credit card details.

Failure to turn up for your nominated duty will serve as an authority for the Club to deduct your credit card with a charge (currently set at $25.00) per occurrence. Any shortfall in your volunteering obligations (4 per child), revealed at our end of season audit, will incur a $25 charge per failure to attend e.g. if you only fulfil 2 of your 4 obligations your credit card will be charged $50.

Both this Volunteer Declaration form and a printout of your volunteer commitments (via the Volunteer link below) must be completed prior to attending one of our Registration Collection Days. To save time, you can upload your completed form here prior to Registration Collection Day.

Competition Nights

There are 4 competition nights each season, each requiring more than double the usual number of volunteers to assist.  Only volunteers are allowed on the oval on Competition Nights, so if you wish to watch your child compete you must volunteer.

2019/2020 Competition Night dates:

28 October 2019

11 November 2019

3 February 2020

2 March 2020

Tiny Tots
Please note that all parents or guardians of Tiny Tots must attend each session with their child.  Parents with a child in Tots are not permitted to leave their child – no exception!

As a result, Tiny Tots parents are not required to volunteer as age helpers in any other age group and pay reduced registration fees.

Championship Events

Volunteering requirements for the season do not include the additional duties required if your child(ren) qualify for Championship events like Zone or State Relays.  For these events, there will be a separate duty roster for the weekends they are conducted. MLA is required to provide proportionate support to all other Centres that compete, so this means that all Championship families are required to do duties for Championship events.

Signing Up For Duties

To access the volunteer signup system and manage your volunteer bookings, click on the weblink https://signup.com/go/hQKWAZi

To access your sign ups and to register for the first time you will be required to sign in using your email address for both log in and password.  You will then be presented with sign ups for both training and competition nights.   Select the dates and sessions that you want to volunteer for and complete the information required to form part of your profile.  The system will confirm your sign ups and send you a reminder email a day or so prior to the sign up.

If you have any problems using the system or have any feedback on using it, please email mosmanlavolunteers@gmail.com

Your support of the Club is required to run a successful program and is greatly appreciated.

For more detailed descriptions on our Volunteer Roles see below:

Volunteer Roles


This role involves the weekly monitoring of the volunteer duty sign up system and being at training at the start of each Junior and Senior session to manage the volunteers signing in. It is ideal for families with children in both Junior and Senior Sessions. The Volunteer Manager also carries out checks to ensure families are fulfilling their nominated duties. Please contact the Committee on mosmanla@gmail.com if you would like to find out more about this role.


An Age Manager is required for each gender and age group (U6 to U14+) and we like to have our Age Managers signed up before the Season begins in October.   It is possible for the role to be shared between two people.  Please contact the Committee on mosmanla@gmail.com if you would like to take on this role.
Each week, Age Managers

  • Sign in at the Volunteer table and collect the Age folder before the session starts and wear an identifying fluoro vest.
  • Stand at the cone for your age group and take the role as children arrive.
  • Set up parent helpers with necessary instructions and resources.
  • Get to know the children by name and encourage their progress.
  • Get to know parents and foster a spirit of participation.
  • With the input of your parent helpers select the child to receive the weekly award.
  • When the last siren sounds at the end of the session, sit the group down and explain who will receive the weekly award before presenting it.
  • Finish any paperwork and return the folder to the Session Manager.
  • Provide the link between the Executive Committee and your age group.


Age Helpers are needed for each session to assist the Age Manager to look after the group.  No athletic experience is required.

Each week, Age Helpers

  • Sign in at the Volunteer table before the session starts and wear the identifying fluoro vest.
  • Report to Age Manager to see what assistance they require for the session.
  • When you hear the siren escort children during the training session from event to event.
  • Assist coaches/event managers as required (e.g. measuring and recording)
  • Provide crowd control of the children


A Canteen Manager is required for the Club’s Canteen.  This involves monitoring, ordering and collection of stock and generally overseeing the canteen volunteers for Monday shifts including setup and cleanup. Please contact the Committee on mosmanla@gmail.com if you would like to find out more about this role.

To support the Canteen Manager, a volunteer is needed to pick up the sausages and bread from Bridgepoint each Monday and deliver to Balmoral in time for the commencement of the Junior Session at 4.00pm. This is ideal if you are free during Monday and replaces any other duty. Please contact the Committee on mosmanla@gmail.com if you would like to take on this role.

All bread and sausages will be delivered ready for the first shift.

Shift 1 – 4:00pm to 5:00pm

  • Line garbage bins with fresh garbage bags
  • Quick clean and get all merchandise on display
  • Cut up watermelon
  • Separate sausages, store back in fridge until needed for BBQ
  • Line metal trays with foil for cooked sausages
  • Set up BBQ sauces, trays and foil on table beside BBQ
  • Stack napkins with slices of bread ready for the sausage sandwiches
  • Serve customers

Shift 2 – 5:00pm to 6:00pm 

  • Serve customers
  • Prepare napkins, bread, sausages and sauces for coaches’ table by 5.30pm
  • NB Arrangements can be made with Age Managers to return children to you at the Canteen instead of pick up.

Shift 3 – 6.00pm to 7.30pm

  • Collect trays of cooked sausages from the BBQ tables
  • Serve customers
  • Cook remaining sausages if needed
  • Clean BBQ, clean and pack away BBQ tables
  • Trays and implements cleaned and stored in fridge
  • Clean up canteen
  • Replace unsold stock back upstairs in storage room
  • Canteen to tie up garbage bags
  • Return bins to Canteen once rubbish bags removed
  • Assist Manager or Committee member to lock up canteen including roller shutter

BBQ HELPERS 4.30pm – 6pm

  • Connect the gas bottle and start the BBQ.
  • Cook the quantity of sausages decided by Canteen Manager
  • Serve cooked sausages to customers
  • NB Arrangements can be made with Age Managers to return children to you at the Canteen instead of pick up.

Thanks for your support!