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Latest News: Monday, 17 March 2014
2014 Awards

Congratulations to all our winners listed below and every athlete that participated this year.  Cross Country commences next week so Register now!  See Cross Country page on this website for details.

If you are not doing Cross Country see you again in October noting that registrations will open on 1 August 2014!





Senior Club Champion -  SOPHIE GOCHER

Junior Club Champion -  NICOLA HOGG

President’s Award - JESSICA RAUPACH


U6 Girls awards Sportsmanship –

Most Improved –

Pointscore Runner Up –

Age Champion –


U6 Boys awards

Sportsmanship –

Most Improved –

Pointscore Runner Up –

Age Champion -

Makayla Ham, Sophie Roussos

Abbie Blanks

Eliana High

Olivia Vecchio



Lachlan Warburton, Maxwell Steinberg

Einar Sundstrom

Leo Dearlove

Brody Folkes

U7 Girls awards Sportsmanship –

Most Improved –

Pointscore Runner Up –

Age Champion –


U7 Boys awards

Sportsmanship –

Most Improved –

Pointscore Runner Up –

Age Champion -

Zara Johnston, Zoe Fallon

Jemima Stevenson

Lara Gribbon

Noa Davies



James Grimmond, Archie Howard

Fletcher Kelleher

Archie Harvey

William Rawstorne

U8 Girls Sportsmanship Award winners Siena Kafer, Charlotte Farquharson
U8 Girls Most Improved Award Jemma Brandon-Cooper
U8 Girls Pointscore Runner Up Jessica Gocher
U8 Girls Age Champion Georgia Morgan
U8 Boys Sportsmanship Award winners Adam Tubbs, Joshua Harty
U8 Boys Most Improved Award Jamison Veitch
U8 Boys Pointscore Runner Up Matthew Hogg
U8 Boys Age Champion Finnlay Bartlett
U9 Girls Sportsmanship Award winners Josslyn Wishart, Jasmin Frost
U9 Girls Most Improved Award Philippa Stevenson
U9 Girls Pointscore Runner Up Scarlett Davies
U9 Girls Age Champion Holly Wickham
U9 Boys Sportsmanship Award winners Oscar Brown, Gabe High
U9 Boys Most Improved Award Jack Harty
U9 Boys Pointscore Runner Up Nicholas Hyde
U9 Boys Age Champion Wil Brennan
U10 Girls Sportsmanship Award winners Cate Gyzen, Madeline Gale
U10 Girls Most Improved Award Lucy Lewis
U10 Girls Pointscore Runner Up Maggie Goodman
U10 Girls Age Champion Nicola Hogg
U10 Boys Sportsmanship Award winners Daniel Petrovich, Sasha Willett
U10 Boys Most Improved Award William Martin
U10 Boys Pointscore Runner Up Daniel Kell & Jack Bowen
U10 Boys Age Champion Will Primmer
U11 Girls Sportsmanship Award winners Olivia Cannane, Femhe (pronounced Fay-va) Gallagher
U11 Girls Most Improved Award Laura Quinn
U11 Girls Pointscore Runner Up Anna O’Donnell
U11 Girls Age Champion Alannah Green
U11 Boys Sportsmanship Award winners Nathan Black, Sebastian Bellew
U11 Boys Most Improved Award Ben Hondros
U11 Boys Pointscore Runner Up Jackson Archibald
U11 Boys Age Champion Callum Brown
U12 Girls Sportsmanship Award winners Olivia O’Donnell, Mahalia Henderson
U12 Girls Most Improved Award Natalie Orchard
U12 Girls Pointscore Runner Up Olivia Bird
U12 Girls Age Champion Samantha Davis
U12 Boys Sportsmanship Award winners Nicholas Solterbeck, Benjamin Crimp
U12 Boys Most Improved Award Sven Willett
U12 Boys Pointscore Runner Up Felix Scott
U12 Boys Age Champion Lachlan Khun
U13 Girls Sportsmanship Award winner Miranda Laurence, Charlotte Prichard
U13 Girls Most Improved Award Lauren Lancaster
U13 Girls Pointscore Runner Up Scarlett Green
U13 Girls Age Champion Sophie Gocher
U13 Boys Sportsmanship Award winners Lochlann Gallagher, Joe Anderson
U13 Boys Most Improved Award Miles Sizer
U13 Boys Pointscore Runner Up Daniel Hall
U13 Boys Age Champion Thomas Davies
U14 Girls Sportsmanship Award winner Benedicte Astridge
U14 Girls Most Improved Award Claudia Hyde
U14 Girls Age Champion Mikayla Hopper
U14 Boys Sportsmanship Award winner Lewis Wallace
U14 Boys Most Improved Award Krish Mirchandani
U14 Boys Age Champion Nicholas Corel
U15 Girls Sportsmanship Award winner Samantha Orchard
U15 Girls Most Improved Award Chloe Bull
U15 Girls Age Champion Nikita Spalvins
U15 Boys Sportsmanship Award winner Zachary Cossart
U15 Boys Age Champion Matthew Hall
U17 Girls Age Champion Jessica Raupach
U17 Boys Age Champion Luke Ogawa



If you have previously volunteered on a training day that was cancelled please log in below and sign up for a date in the new year.  To volunteer throughout the season use the following links for the Juniors (training and competition nights) or the Seniors (training and competition nights) which will be displayed on the Home Page of this website throughout the Season. The online reservation system is used to manage volunteer bookings.  To access the system click on the buttons below.  You will be presented with sign ups for junior and senior sessions (for both training and competition nights) – make your choice then select the date of the session(s) that you want to volunteer for and the correct role. (Please note that dates are in American format i.e. MM/DD/YYYY rather than the usual DD/MM/YYYY).

You may be asked to register the first time you use the system and you will receive an email reminder 2 days before your duty.

Your support of the Club is required to run a successful program and greatly appreciated.  Failure to turn up for your nominated duty will serve as an authority for the Club to deduct your credit card with a charge (currently set at $25.00) per occurrence.

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