The success of Mosman Little Athletics relies entirely on the involvement of parent and carer volunteers. Without our many volunteers, especially those in our Committee, and our various support teams, we simply wouldn’t be able to operate. Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to be part of your child’s athletics experience, meet other volunteers, and receive significant discounts on season registration. We only ask that parents and carers contribute four volunteering sessions a season, though there are plenty of ways to provide more support if you are keen to get more involved. 

The benefits of volunteering

  • Registration discounts
    When you volunteer as Age Helper, Age Manager or Session Manager, you receive a significant discount of $120 on your child’s registration fee. Discounts can apply for multiple children as long as you can fulfil all required volunteer duties. 
  • Priority viewing on competition nights
    During our competition nights, only coaches, age managers, and volunteers are allowed on the oval within the roped-off competition area. Volunteering is a great way to get close to the action!
  • It’s fun and rewarding
    Volunteering is also a great chance to meet other parents, get to know the other children in your child’s age group, and watch your child grow their athletic skills over the course of the season.  

How can I volunteer?

There are plenty of easy and great ways to volunteer for our club – not all of which have to be fulfilled on a Monday afternoon at training. If you would like to be on our Club Committee, or part of our support teams for Championships, Sponsorship, Volunteering, and Competition Nights, please email [email protected]. These roles are extremely important and without them, our club can’t function effectively.

Other key roles include:

Age Helper
This is the way in which most parents and carers offer their time. Every week, we need volunteers to help the Age Manager in looking after the groups. It’s a very relaxed role, and you don’t need any coaching or athletic experience. You simply need to help direct and manage the children and ensure they’re following the coach’s instructions. We ask that you attend four sessions per season, for each child you are registering. In exchange, we offer a $120 discount on your child’s registration fee.

Canteen Manager
This role involves the weekly review and ordering of stock for our Canteen. The Canteen Manager also sets up for and instructs the arriving helpers on their tasks for Shift One and usually checks in at the finish to ensure all is going smoothly.

 Canteen and BBQ helpers
Every week, we need volunteers to prepare, barbeque and sell our sausage sangers to the hungry hordes! There are three shifts on Mondays – 4.00-5.00pm, 5.00-6.00pm and 6.00-7.30pm.

 Volunteer Check-In
This role, which can be shared, involves the weekly monitoring of the volunteer duty sign up system, and being at training at the start of the junior or senior session to manage the volunteers signing in. The Volunteer Check-In helpers also carry out checks to ensure volunteers are fulfilling their nominated duties.

Safety Officer
Our Safety Officers carry out a very important role at training each week, as they are there to observe and help the whole team ensure the safety of the children. This role is ideal if you would like to be involved with training sessions most weeks and/or you have a number of kids in the club and this would replace your other Monday volunteering obligations. First Aid is helpful but not essential as our coaches are also first aid trained.

 Age Manager
Every season, we require two age managers for each age group (one for boys and one for girls) from U6 to U17. This role can be shared between two people. Each Age Manager will receive an information pack and support and guidance. Key responsibilities include:

  • Being a communication link between the Executive Committee and your age group.
  • Printing off the attendance roll, bringing age group folder and wearing Age Manager’s orange vest at training.
  • Signing in at the Age Manager’s Check-In table, taking the roll as children arrive and setting up volunteer Age Helpers with necessary instructions and resources.
  • Getting to know the children by name and encouraging their progress.
  • Getting to know parents and fostering a spirit of participation.
  • Escorting children to the pick-up location when the session’s end siren sounds, checking off children from U6 to U11 and returning attendance roll to Session Manager.

 Tiny Tots Parent/Carer – MANDATORY
Parent/carer attendance is mandatory for all children attending Tiny Tots. If you have multiple children at training, including a Tiny Tot, your required attendance at Tiny Tots means you do not have to fulfil any volunteering duties for other age groups (you can’t be in two places at once!) However, you can still select the volunteering discount.

During Tiny Tots, we ask that you are responsible for:

  • Ensuring children remain with the group and are interacting in a safe, friendly and respectful way with their coaches and peers.
  • Being actively engaged with tots in the coaches’ exercises and games.

This allows coaches to give children the time and attention that they deserve to help them to develop skills and foster a love of athletics.

Zone/Region/State Championship Additional Duties
If your child competes at Championship events, you will also be required to volunteer for duties at each carnival. These duties are mandatory and are in addition to your Monday volunteering duties or your non-volunteer status.

How do I sign up for volunteer duty?

Age Helper:
When you register your child at the start of each season, you simply need to opt to pay the standard registration fee (which includes four volunteering sessions). It is possible to select a non-volunteer option, though this option attracts an additional $120 per child, per season.

To access the volunteer signup system and manage your volunteer bookings. SIGN UP HERE

When you access your sign ups and to register for the first time you will be required to sign in using your email address for both log in and password. You will then be presented with sign ups for both training and competition nights. Select the dates and sessions that you want to volunteer for and complete the information required to form part of your profile (a minimum of four per athlete).

You will be sent an automated reminder prior to each session you have signed up for. When you arrive for duty, head to the volunteer desk near the clubhouse to sign-in. A fee of $35 will be charged for each unfulfilled duty.

Age Manager, Session Managers and all other volunteer positions:
Please email [email protected] to learn more.