Pick up Procedure

2021/22 PICK UP PROCEEDURE for U6 to U11 Athletes

At the end of their training session all U6-U11 athletes will be escorted to their Age Group’s Pick Up Location – see map below.

Parents / carers are not able to enter the MLA area at pick up time. Parents / carers should walk to the Pick Up Location via the public pathway OUTSIDE the MLA roped fence. Please advise the Age Manager when you arrive to collect your child and they will mark their name off the roll and let them exit under the roped fence.

Volunteers on duty who have multiple age groups to collect from, are welcome to collect all their children within the MLA Boundary before leaving the Oval.

Pick Up Locations

SessionLocationAge Group
Junior pick up 5.45pm Clubhouse side of MLA fenced areaU7 Girls
U8 Girls
U8 Boys
Junior pick up 5.45pm Carpark side of MLA fenced areaU6 Girls
U6 Boys
U7 Boys
U9 Boys
U9 Girls
Senior pick up 7.30pmCarpark side of MLA fenced areaU10 Boys
U10 Girls
U11 Boys
U11 Girls

See pick up locations here