Child protection

Mosman Little Athletics takes child protection very seriously.

We adhere to Little Athletics Australia National Child Protection Policy and have introduced further measures within the club, to ensure the safety of our athletes’ welfare. This includes a Safety Officer (wearing a pink safety vest) to monitor the running of all events on the field and to ensure athletes are safe at all times.

MLAC has also introduced a mandatory online Child Protection course for all coaches and committee members to complete prior to the start of season. We encourage all volunteers to take the free online course to raise awareness of your rights and responsibilities under child protection laws.

If you witness any incident of abuse of an athlete / child (abuse can be physical, verbal, implied bullying via social media etc.) during our training sessions or at competitions with other clubs regardless of who is involved i.e. another athlete, coach, parent, volunteer, spectator etc., please report the incident immediately to our Safety Officer or person in charge and provide as much information as possible of the incident. Our Safety Officer and Club President will then take the appropriate action and report back to you on the outcome.