Zone Championships

Zone Championships

This carnival is the major event for the North East Metro Zone, and there is one event per season. Five Little Athletics Centres contest this event:

  • Mosman
  • Manly Warringah
  • Ku-Ring-Gai
  • Northern Districts
  • Hornsby

¬†Date: 24 ‚Äď 26 November 2023

Location: Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen

Eligibility: Athletes from U7-U17 can nominate to compete.

Selection criteria: All athletes will be asked via email to express interest (and nominated events) via an online form. Final selection will be made by the MLAC Championships Committee.



Nominations U7-U11: Athletes in these age groups may nominate for up to 4 events on the nomination form found HERE. They also have an opportunity to nominate up to 2 alternative events to be considered if their first choice is full.

Zone team selection will be based on several factors including competition night results and coach input. Mosman can select a maximum of 5 participants from our club for any one U7-U11 event and final selection will be decided by the MLA Championships Team. (Please note that U7 do not progress past the Zone Championships).

Nominations U12-U17: Athletes in these age groups can nominate for up to 6 events and athletes will be selected for every event they nominate.

Athletes in this age group must self-nominate via Results . Instructions on how to do this are found HERE.

Parent Duties 
Parents/carers of athletes are required to assist with up to 2 hours of duties per athlete over the weekend.¬†Sign up instructions will be sent once the team has been selected.¬† Please keep an eye out for this email as duties are available on a ‚Äėfirst come, first served‚Äô basis. If you are unable to do the required duty, please do not nominate your athlete to compete.


The carnival ‚Äėnot-before‚Äô times for track¬†and field events are below. Please carefully consider your athlete‚Äôs availability and the event times and days¬†‚Äď team¬†selections once provided to the Zone Coordinator are final.



Map Of Narrabeen Track with Field Locations ‚Äď Zone 2023



The 10-12 years Track and Field Championships for primary school students (National PSSA) will be held from 23rd to 27th November 2023 in Tasmania and will clash with our zone carnival. If you are an athlete competing in the National PSSA and would like to also enter Zone 2023, please notify the MLA Championships Team.

Any national or international sporting event competitors that have a clash with Zone will also need to notify the MLA Championships team.


There will be a charge of $20 per athlete to contribute to the cost of entry to the oval for all athletes and spectators, as well as MLA coach and administrative costs at zone. Link to pay will be sent via email (consideration will be given to any family for whom paying this fee is difficult).



All Zone athletes must wear full Mosman uniform when competing. Link to uniform page 

Uniforms must have the following patches attached:

  • Current registration number on the front of singlet/crop top (with the border fully visible)
  • Age patch on left leg of shorts
  • Red COLES patch on front right shoulder
  • Pins are acceptable, provided the patches are all secured well and do not flap around loosely.

Use of spikes: All types of pyramid spikes AND Christmas tree spikes are now permitted at the Sydney Academy of Sport. For Zone you do not need to use starting blocks for a standing start in spikes.  BUT if you progress to regionals all athletes using spikes MUST use starting blocks.

  • U7, U8, U9 & U10: Spikes may not be worn in any event.
  • U11 ‚Äď 12s: Spikes may be worn in all track events run entirely in lanes, all jumps events and javelin.
  • U13 to U17: Spikes may be worn in all track events (except walks), all jumps events, and javelin.
  • All competitors: Spikes with the spikes removed or blanks inserted may not be worn in any events.
  • No athlete may compete barefoot in any event.
  • Maximum spike length:
    • Running activity 7mm
    • Throw & jump activity 9mm

7mm Christmas Tree spikes can be purchased from the Mosman Team Manager at zone – $12 for a pack of 12


Athlete Check-in: On arrival ALL athletes must register their attendance with the MLA Team Manager located in the MLA tent.  This must be done at least one hour before the event time as listed in the final program.

Weather: Zone Championships will most likely proceed irrespective of the weather conditions. Athletes should ideally take a small backpack/bag with a hat/sunscreen, drink bottles and a jumper/jacket etc.

In the event of extreme conditions, such as excessive heat, storms or flooding, the Championships may be delayed or temporarily suspended. Any decision to delay or postpone the Championships will be made by the Zone Committee and advised to Centre Team Managers as soon as possible.

Any critical zone updates on the day eg weather will be provided via our facebook page

Marshalling: The first marshalling calls for track and field events will be as follows:

Friday: 1st marshalling call: 6:25pm with events commencing at 6:45pm.

Saturday: 1st marshalling call: 8:10am with events commencing at 8:30am.

Sunday: 1st marshalling call: 7:40am with events commencing at 8:00am

All track events marshalling will occur on the northern side of the track near the 1500m starting point.

For the first field events each day, athletes will proceed directly to their event for marshalling at the competition area. For all other field event marshalling, competitors must make their way to the designated field marshalling area located behind the 100m starting point on the front track.


Events Calls: Each event will receive two marshalling calls. The first call will be made 20 ‚Äď 25 minutes before the event start time followed by a second and final call 7 minutes later.

For track events, marshalling where possible will close 3 minutes later, with no athlete entries (with the exception of field event clashes) permitted after that cut off point.


Clash of Events:

If your child has two events which are likely to be on at the same time (ie a field event and a track event), the Marshall for the event that is called first must be notified by your child of the issue and the Carnival Clash Manager will be instructed accordingly; your child will be escorted to and from the clashing event by the Carnival Clash Manager (or assistants). 

Parents MUST NOT remove children from an event themselves.  If they do, the child risks disqualification.

To make this clash management easier, parents or Mosman Team Managers may write the child‚Äôs events on their hand each morning, along with the ‚Äėnot before time‚Äô so that the Event Chief and Clash Manager can more easily assist in identifying any event clashes during the day.¬†


Results: In addition to being posted at the track along the fence behind the Instant Photos van, all results will be available online as soon as possible after the event.  You can access these results at


Awards: U7s competitors placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd in a final will receive a medal. For all other age groups the first three placegetters will receive a ribbon. Medals and ribbons will be presented as soon as possible after the event.
Track medalists should remain in the designated area at the finish line until their medal presentation*. 
*Athletes who need to return to a field event should make the track officials and medals officials aware, and a decision will be made as to whether the presentation is made immediately or held until after the field event.

Field top 3 placegetters will be taken to the presentation area by an official at the end of their event.


Progression from Zone to Region Championships

U7 athletes do not progress past the Zone Championship.  

U8-U17: At the zone carnival the first six places in each final automatically progress through to Region. Then a maximum of four next best qualifiers taken from both Zone carnivals will also be taken through to our region carnival.

The first 3 places in the Relays will progress to Region level.

The Region Championships will be held on 9, 10 & 11 February 2024 at Sydney Academy of Sport, Narrabeen. 

The State Track & Field Championships (U9 to U17) will be held across three days on 22-24 March 2024 at SOPAC, Homebush.

Any athlete who may qualify to compete at the Regional Championship but who knows they will not be available must advise the Team Manager BEFORE the end of the Zone carnival weekend.



Parent duty is critical to the running of this carnival and events cannot go ahead without parents carrying out the duties to run them.


When it is time for your parent duty, you must have your name marked off by the Mosman Team Manager and collect a Mosman lanyard. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time prior to your shift to have your name signed off, collect the lanyard and get to your allocated area.  

While you are on duty, you are not allowed to coach, encourage, cheer for or comment on any athlete in any event, particularly not your own child.  At the end of your duty please return the lanyard to the Mosman Team Manager.

It is a requirement of LANSW that all parent helpers MUST wear closed in shoes for the duration of their duty – no sandals or thongs.

Long Jump, Discus and High Jump Duty: Parents rostered on to high jump, long jump or discus must listen for the first marshalling call for their event age group. Once parents have heard the first marshalling call, they should obtain a lanyard from the Mosman Team Manager and then report to the event area. You will be required to remain on duty at the event until the entire event has completed. For throwing events; walk backwards away from throwers so you always know what is happening.

Triple Jump Duty: Parents rostered on to triple jump must listen for the first marshalling call for their FIRST event age group. Once parents have heard the first marshalling call, they should obtain a lanyard from the Mosman Team Manager and then report to the event area. You will be required to remain on duty at the event until the entire second age group’s event has been completed.

Computer/Results Tent Helper Duty: Parents assisting the Chief Recorder/IT in the computer tent should obtain a lanyard from the Mosman Team Manager and then report to the Computer/Results Tent before the start of your duty timeslot. 

Track Warming Up

There is NO warming up inside the perimeter fence of the track after 8:00am on both days of the carnival with the following exception. 

Exception ‚Äď This year, on a trial basis only, at certain stages during each day the zone organisers will make the back track available for warming up for events such as the hurdles. Entry to the track for trial warm-up will be via the track marshalling tent and athletes will be checked by the track marshal. Warm-up trial times will be announced by the carnival manager.

Coaches Area Field Events (U12 ‚Äď U17)

Where possible an area designated for Coaches to speak with athletes will be clearly marked on the perimeter fence for all field events EXCEPT at Triple Jump pits 1 and 2 (due to the possibility for interference across the track).

Snakes : It is not uncommon to sight snakes at the venue. Please be alert and aware at all times, and for this reason it is emphasised that parent helpers must be wearing closed shoes, and strongly recommended that all adults and athletes wear closed shoes (not their spikes) when walking around the venue, particularly the upper throws area and long jumps 1 and 2 on the far side of the track away from the grandstand. The bush area behind the grandstand is out of bounds.

More information: LANSW website