Competition Nights

Competition Nights at MLA

These nights a fun way for athletes to put their skills into practice, strive to achieve their personal best in individual events, and compete against their peers. There are four competition nights per season, and they take the place of training. Competition nights are also used to record athletes’ individual performance in all track and field events.

Dates for the current season

View the calendar for the dates of upcoming competition nights.

How competition nights run

We alternate between two programs, and include both track and field events. Due to time constraints, high jump and discus are not included for all age groups in the competition night program. However, athletes are given the opportunity to record high jump and discus results during normal weekly training.

Time is extremely tight on competition nights, and athletes need to move quickly between events. Athletes will have:

  • One heat for track events,
  • Two throws for shot put or discus, and
  • Two jumps for long jump.

Please make sure your athletes are at Georges Heights Oval in plenty of time to sign-in and head off to their first event promptly by 4.15pm (Junior U7-U9) or 6pm (Senior U10-U17).


Important Notes

  • All athletes MUST have this season’s registration numbers and age patches attached for the night. We can’t record results without registration numbers.
  • Only volunteers allowed on the oval. This applies even if you have paid the non-volunteer fee. Volunteers are expected to be actively involved.
  • Competition nights are only possible if we have 90 parent volunteers to assist with marshalling, measuring, equipment retrieval and crowd control. All volunteers must sign in at the volunteer desk on arrival and wear a Volunteers vest.
  • No spectators or dogs allowed on the oval on competition nights.


What happens in wet weather? 

We will proceed in wet weather unless the oval is closed by Mosman Council or there is a lightning storm. We will advise you of this on our Facebook page 

Are competition nights compulsory? 

No, competition nights are no more compulsory than any other night of the season. However, if your athlete wants to be considered for inter-club events, we’ll be using the first two competition nights to record times/distances that will be used to select teams.

How can I find out my results? Competition night results will be available within a week of the comp night. To access results, log In via the Family Login link

 What happens if I miss a competition night? 

If you miss a competition night but still would like to be considered to represent Mosman at the State Relays or the Zone Championships, just send an email to [email protected]. If we can, we’ll try to work out a way to ensure that your child still is considered.

What should athletes wear/bring to competition nights? 

It is COMPULSORY to wear your registration number and age patch for every competition night, otherwise we can’t record your results. Please also wear your Mosman uniform and appropriate footwear. Everyone should bring water and wear sunscreen. Spikes can be worn by U11s+ in laned sprint events, hurdles and jump events, but when the event is finished they must be taken off and replaced with regular running shoes.
Uniforms are not available to try on comp nights.

What if my child is not a natural athlete, should they still compete?

Yes, absolutely! Our competition nights are all about competition with oneself for self-improvement. We recognise that not everyone is interested in competition with others, and the club won’t be focusing on this – e.g. there are no finals. At the end of the season we’ll be celebrating those kids who have improved the most through the season, regardless of ability.

Where are the U6-U11 pick up locations for comp nights?

The pick up locations for the U6-U11 age groups are the same as for ordinary training nights – see here. The finishing time may vary a little for age groups, depending on when they complete all of their events.