Our Coaches

Our coaching-focused program has been designed with an emphasis on training and fun, and our team includes senior and junior coaches, as well as coaches’ assistants. Many are previous Mosman Little Athletics competitors who have learnt and enjoyed our style of coaching.  

All of our coaches are accredited by the Australian Sports Commission. They also have qualifications from courses run by Little Athletics, Athletics NSW and the peak coaching body in Australia, the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association. Levels of qualifications range from basic introductory coaching through to Level V.

We also run in-house coach development courses each season to help develop our coach assistants and junior coaches, allowing our senior coaches to offer input and guidance.

All our coaches are also required to complete an online Child Protection course to ensure the safety of our athletes during training and competition nights at Balmoral Oval, as well as during competition at Zone, Regionals and State championships.

Mosman Little Athletics Coaching Team

President & Senior Sprint Speed & Agility Coach

Rich Frost

The Club’s President, Rich Frost, has been inspiring our junior and senior athletes for over nine years. Rich is an athletics coach of most disciplines who specialises in sprints.  He is responsible for the athletics programs at Queenwood, Redlands and Basketball and Speed & Agility at Cammeraygal High School.   Rich is a much admired, and sought after, coach to many local athletes.  He is a permanent fixture at most ovals in the local area running private squads as well as overseeing the strategic direction of both our Junior and Senior Club.

Head Coach

Tom Giles

The Club’s Head Coach, Tom, has been coaching with MLA for nine years.   He brings a wealth of experience including: competing at a national level in NZ in cross country and mid-distance events, over a decade of personal training and sports coaching, and a lifelong passion for all sport (especially basketball).   Outside of the demands of the Club, Tom runs private squads for speed, distance, strength and conditioning and basketball for all ages.  Tom is the proprietor of a successful personal training business

Senior Mid-Distance Coach

Nick Walker

MLA is privileged to have the coaching expertise of Nick Walker to coach at both our Junior and Senior Club for distance and cross country.  Nick is an accomplished mid-distance and trail series competitor including taking gold at the 2015 Hawaii World X-Trail Series.   He is also a valued teacher at Redlands and is head coach of their Athletics and Cross Country teams. His inclusive and encouraging coaching style ensures our athletes are motivated and supported in what is an unforgiving and grueling event.

Senior Long Jump Coach

Shane Castlereagh
Favourite event: long jump
Years as an athlete: I’ve been coaching since 2002 – started as a little athlete at Woden Little Athletics (Canberra) in 1989
Relevant experience in coaching the event or other events: I’ve coached athletes to state and National level in long/high/triple jump at Mosman Little Athletics, Redlands School Cremorne, Sydney Grammar, Queenwood Junior School and Westfield Sports High.
Proudest achievement in that event: when an athlete surprises themselves at a competition after putting in the work.
Coaching philosophy: always seek to understand the event and listen to your athlete. 

Senior Mid distance, Curve / relays, Sprints Coach

Nikita Spalvins

Favourite Events: 800m, 1500m, 3km and cross country. 

Years as an Athlete at MLA or Other Club: 2004-2016

Years Coaching at MLA: Since 2013, which makes this my 9th year! I started as a coach assistant and have continued through to the present day as a senior coach, taking on numerous managerial positions in the club during this time too. 

Relevant Experience in coaching the event or other athletics events: I have both my Level 1 and Level 2 Athletics Accreditations as well as other recognised coaching qualifications. I also coach at numerous local schools including Queenwood and Wenona. 

Proudest Achievement in the event, coaching or competing (optional): As an athlete, I have competed at a national level in the 3000m and at a state level in 800m, 1500m and 400m and cross country. As a Provisional Psychologist and athletics coach my proudest moments have been at the intersection of these roles; improving and managing athlete wellbeing in order for them to attain their respective goals. 

What you believe makes a great coach/ coaching Philosophy: A great coach requires excellent communication and flexibility. More specifically, a great coach should be able to explain a given technique, drill or exercise in a variety of ways and should be able to adapt sessions to athletes at different levels. This is particularly relevant in a group coaching environment such as Little Athletics as not all athletes will understand instructions or rationales the same way nor will they necessarily be at the same athletic level. Therefore being able to tailor your messages and exercises to individuals is extremely important to ensure all athletes are benefiting from the session. Also, from a psychological perspective in coaching the young, it is important to mentor a passion for the sport not necessarily the win. For example, having fun whilst working hard in developing skills develops a well rounded athlete (and person) long term.

Senior Hurdles Sprints and Speed Agility Coach

Juan Rasines

Favourite Event: Hurdles

Years as an athlete at MLA or other club: 10 years

Years coaching at MLA: 8 years

Relevant Experience in coaching the event or other athletics events: Gained coaching experience through my personal involvement in athletics and coaching for the club for approximately 8 years. Also qualified Level 1 Athletics Australia Coach and part-time coaching for Redlands. 

Proudest achievements in that event, coaching or competing (optional): Reaching Nationals for 400m Hurdles and being able to pass my knowledge and experience to the next generation

What you believe makes a great coach/ coaching Philosophy: Being fair, motivated and passionate are important individual traits. Being capable of providing a safe, fun and inclusive environment for young athletes to improve themselves and learn new skills is an essential part of being a successful coach/ club. 

Senior Throws Coach

John Hunter

Favourite Event: Discus

Years as an athlete at MLA or other club: 14

Years coaching at MLA: 1

Relevant Experience in coaching the event or other athletics events: Coaching all throws at other LA clubs & in school programs. 

Proudest achievements in that event, coaching or competing (optional): 2x Australian Junior Bronze (Discus + Hammer Throw)

What you believe makes a great coach/ coaching Philosophy: Attention to detail with each athlete – every athlete is unique, one approach does not fit all. 

Senior Shot Put Coach

Jason Turner

Favourite Event: Discus and Shot put

Relevant Experience in coaching the event or other athletics events: 6 years coaching the throws at the high school and club level in Virginia, USA. 

 Proudest achievements in that event, coaching or competing (optional): My proudest moment was when a year 12 student transferred into the throws after his football season ended. I was fortunate enough to watch him train and grow, ending the season with an 18 meter shot put PB.

Senior Sprints Coach

Amelia Clubb

High Jump Coach

Joey Ryu

Senior High Jump Coach

Jack McArdle

Favourite Event: HJ

Years as an athlete at MLA or other club: 10 (KLAC)

Years coaching at MLA: 3

Relevant Experience in coaching the event or other athletics events: Lv 2 AA coach 

Proudest achievements in that event, coaching or competing (optional): Coaching to a top 5 result at world juniors and current AIS high performance coaching mentee.

What you believe makes a great coach/ coaching Philosophy: Patience 

Mid-distance & relays Coach

Sophie Gocher

Sprints Coach

Mimi Lee

Junior Distance Coach

Olivia Vignault

Tiny Tots and Sprints Coach

Jasmin Frost

Junior Shot Put Coach

Noah Perriera

Junior Mid-distance Coach

Jess Gocher

Junior High Jump Coach

Tom Taylor