Mosman LAC Coaches

The MLA coaching structure is built to support an environment with an emphasis on training and fun. Since our club compete’s only 4 times internally during a season, our primary focus is on training our athletes in their various events while making it fun! Our coaching structure supports the development of our athletes by having senior, junior and coach assistants. Many of our coaches are past MLA athletes that have learnt the MLA style of coaching.

Coaches are accredited by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) and have qualifications from courses run by Little Athletics, Athletics NSW and the peak coach’s body in Australia, the Australian Track and Field Coaches Association (ATFCA).  Levels of qualifications range from;

  • a very basic introductory course, the Introduction To Coaching course; and
  • five Levels of Accreditation, Level I, Level II, Level III, Level IV and Level V.  

MLA run coach development courses in-house each season to help develop our coach assistants and junior coaches, while allowing our senior coaches to offer input to our coaching program and guide those working with them. All MLA coaches are now required to complete an online Child Protection course to ensure the safety of our athletes during training and competition nights at Balmoral Oval, and during competition events during Zone, Region and State events.


Mosman Little Athletics Coaching Team

President & Senior Sprint Coach

Rich Frost

The Club’s President, Rich Frost, has been inspiring our junior and senior athletes for over five years. Rich is an athletics coach of most disciplines who specialises in sprints.  He is responsible for the athletics programs at Wenona, Queenwood, Redlands and Middle Harbour Public School.   Rich is a much admired, and sought after, coach to many local athletes.  He is a permanent fixture at most ovals in the local area running private squads as well as overseeing the strategic direction of both our Junior and Senior Club.

Head Coach

Tom Giles

The Club’s Head Coach, Tom, has been coaching with MLA for six years.   He brings a wealth of experience including: competing at a national level in NZ in cross country and mid-distance events, over a decade of personal training and sports coaching, and a lifelong passion for all sport (especially basketball).   Outside of the demands of the Club, Tom runs private squads for speed, distance, strength and conditioning and basketball for all ages.  Tom is the proprietor of a successful personal training business

Senior Mid-Distance Coach

Nick Walker

MLA is privileged to have the coaching expertise of Nick Walker to coach at both our Junior and Senior Club for distance and cross country.  Nick is an accomplished mid-distance and trail series competitor including taking gold at the 2015 Hawaii World X-Trail Series.   He is also a valued teacher at Redlands and is head coach of their Athletics and Cross Country teams. His inclusive and encouraging coaching style ensures our athletes are motivated and supported in what is an unforgiving and grueling event.

Oliver Lister

Senior Hurdles Coach

Oliver is MLA’s senior hurdles coach, and current Opens Hurdles competitor. Oliver has been a past athlete of MLA finding success in various events.

Senior Long Jump Coach

Shane Castlereagh

Shane is a senior long jump coach with MLA who also works with various Sydney schools and athletes.

Senior Mid-Distance and Sprints Coach

Eliza Peirce

Eliza is a mid-distance and curve running coach for MLA. She is an experienced PE teacher at Redlands dealing with athletes of all ages.

Senior Throws Coach

Matt Mountfort

Matt Mountfort is an experienced throws coach for discus, shot put and javelin and is a current opens competitor. Matt can be found coaching at various schools including Barker College and athletes around Sydney.

Senior High Jump Coach

Tim Milton-hine

Tim has been coaching for MLA for seven years.  He brings a wealth of experience to share with our athletes having been a junior and opens national high jumper.  His innate patience and coaching style both inspire and motivate our athletes in what is a very technical event.  Outside the Club’s Junior Program, Tim coaches many local athletes privately, preparing them for championship events for Club and School.

Senior Sprints Coach

Josh Swan

Josh is a Sprints, Jumps and Throws Coach for MLA and a current Opens Sprint competitor. He has been with MLA for a number of years setting various club records including a State Record 100m in 10.58s at age 16. Josh coaches groups of athletes at Middle Harbour Public School, Wenona, Queenwood, Redlands and various athletes in the lower North Shore.

Mid distance, Curve / relays Coach

Nikita Spalvins

Nikita’s association with MLA spans over a decade.  She is a much-loved member of our community having represented the Club at State level in mid-distance as a Junior Athlete, and has been part of the coaching team for five seasons.  Nikita possesses a sparkling personality engaging even the youngest of our athletes.  She coaches sprints, mid-distance, high jump and cross country.

Hurdles Coach

Juan Rasines

Juan is a Senior hurdles coach at MLA, and also coaches at Redlands. He has represented MLA for sprints and hurdles at various competitions over the years, and is now an Opens athlete representing the club in sprints.

Throws Coach

Brett Van Zyl

Brett is an experienced throws coach who has worked at various schools including Knox, Wenona and Redlands. He joins the MLA team this season and has the patience and technical knowledge to coach athletes of all ages.

Jumps Coach

James Bassil

James is a high jump coach and a qualified Physiotherapist.

Junior Coach

Dan Blaxland

Throws Coach

Lachlan Antoinette

Throws Coach

Michael Moore

Throws Coach

Daniel Hall

Junior Coach

Nathaniel Wong